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21 May - 28 May

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    Why Study in Ireland?

    If you are an international applicant seeking to study in the country, some essential points that you might want to take into consideration are as follows:

    1. Home to top 1% of universities renowned for research globally: Ireland ranks globally for research work in the field of Nano-Technology, Chemistry, Material Sciences and Mathematics. Research funding of up to 5 million EUR is offered to researchers globally viz. SFI Research Professorship Program.
    2. Scholarships to Aid your Expenses: Although the country is quite expensive as compared to the rest of Europe, however for a good living, students can obtain a range of government and private scholarships in Ireland which are available to bright students with an evident interest in Research and can study in Ireland for free.
    3. 24-Month Stay Back Option: International students of postgraduate level have the option to stay back for 24 months to seek employment. This time allows the aspirants to plan their future prospects and look for their dream jobs in the meantime.
    4. Home to Big international businesses: Headquarter of international businesses such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and Dell are situated in the country who are always on the lookout for fresh talent. Hence, students have plenty of placement opportunities post completion of their degrees.
    5. Work and study in Ireland/Job opportunities: While student visas in many countries come with strict restrictions, visa in Ireland allows international candidates to work for 20 h/week during their course and up to 40 h/week during holidays. A high employment rate of over 90% for many institutes is a sign of high post-degree options for students.

    Study in Ireland: Requirements

    Where to apply

    Application Fee

    Basic Requirements

    Additional Requirements

    English Language Requirements

    At respective portals of the institute (Graduates can apply at common portal PAC for some institutes)

    Varies (for PAC: 50 EUR)

    Transcripts, Standardized Exams like GMAT/ GRE/ GAMSAT (for medical students)

    Valid Visa, 2 letters of recommendation, Resume, Portfolio, Statement of Purpose

    IELTS: 6.5 or above (or equivalent)