NSW pilot plan to return international students will start in December 2021

international students

NSW Australia’s international students can start returning to their education providers from early December 2021. The pilot plan will bring in 250 international students per fortnight to University of Sydney, UNSW, Western Sydney University, UTS, ACU, Latrobe, New Castle, Victoria University and more.

Australia will open soon. Accepting applications for Feb & July 2022

Australia will open soon

Your long wait will now be over !!! Australia Calling !!! Australia is soon going to be from Off Campus to On Campus !!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the possible reopening of the international border by the end of this year. 

An engineering degree from Australia is a solid investment

Study engineering degree in Australia

Engineering, in simple words, is the application of science to the optimum conversion of the resources of nature to the uses of human kind. And Australia serves as a classic example of having shown unprecedented technological, infrastructural and medical growth and so on,

Why the Australian top 8 ranked universities are the best in the world

Why Group of Eight universities are amongst the best in the world

The Group of Eight (Go8), a name attributed to the coalition of the top 8 universities in Australia which are world’s best class, world’s best ranked and world’s best research based universities. They are ANU (Australian National University) – Canberra, University of Melbourne – Melbourne, University of Sydney 

Why Study Masters in Australia?

Study Master in Australia

The world finally has witnessed an emergence of a study destination that has unsettled the long held view that only U.S and U.K are the countries worth studying in, as Australia has established itself as a strong and better alternative, for it offers equally high quality education but at much more affordable prices. 

Some of the Highest Paying Part Time Jobs in Australia for International Students

International Students

Australia is increasingly becoming one of the most attractive study destinations amongst international students. The chance to work part time during the academic period is one of the biggest advantage of studying in Australia. International students studying in Australia can find ample part time job opportunities 

Demystifying IELTS

English language proficiency IELTS

The International English Language Testing System(IELTS)happens to be the world’s most widely recognised English language proficiency exam for global migration and higher education. This test can help one study and work abroad as all major academic and employment organizations…

Benefits of studying abroad

benefits for studying abroad

Studying abroad is more than just education, it’s a holistic experience. Earning an international degree is not only about expanding your career and personal horizons but also about having an experience of a lifetime. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider studying internationally…

Cost of studying in Australia for Indian students

Cost of studying in Australia for Indian students
Australia is a popular choice among international students for studying abroad. Degrees and qualifications from Australian higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality and world class. This standard of excellence is set by the elite Group of 8 universities – the Ivy League of Australia, ranked 31 to 106 globally.

Key points for writing a strong statement of purpose (sop)

Statement of purpose (SOP)

An SOP is anexceptionally significant part of the application while applying to Universities abroad or to obtain visa for that matter. As the name signifies, the Statement of Purpose is your personal statement about who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests …

Essentials tips to help you choose the right course to study in Australia?

Essentials tips to help you choose the right course to study in Australia?
It is indeed a struggle to zero in on the course that aligns with your interest, strengths and most importantly holds bright career prospects. Whether you’re still shuffling through possible courses, confused between two fields of study or are clueless as to what kind of career you want, we can help you find the best course for you and guide …

Tips to help you plan your studies in Australia

Plan your studies in Australia
Thousands across the globe are possessed by the idea of studying in Australia, as the country has emerged to be a gateway into phenomenally successful career. However, this very factor makes Australia a competitive study destination and thus utmost caution must be exercised during the application process. …

7 vital tips to students for online learning during this coronavirus outbreak

study consultant for australia
Never did any of you would have thought that instead of enjoying campus life and meeting up people from different nationalities, culture etc. you will be confined to rooms doing online studies. Our world has unprecedentedly changed externally. Roads are emptied without the beautiful long drives, and the street food vendors are inside their houses, …

Crack the code – be accepted by world’s top universities

Study in Australia
We will figure out which universities are most suitable for you and that will accept you happilyWe at Kaaiser Australian Education have gained tremendous insights and expertise through our 24 years of experience that enables us to match you up with the most appropriate University in line with your profile. Also, since we have a …