Tips to help you plan your studies in Australia

Plan your studies in Australia

Thousands across the globe are possessed by the idea of studying in Australia, as the country has emerged to be a gateway into phenomenally successful career. However, this very factor makes Australia a competitive study destination and thus utmost caution must be exercised during the application process. We have formulated a set of steps that will ease you into the entire admission procedure and make your journey to study in a top Australian university a breeze!

  1. Research well

    With literally interminable sources available, thanks to technology and other forms of means, one can thoroughly research and investigate courses, universities and their locations. Teaching modules, campus life, research opportunities and employment prospects are few of the most prominent aspects to be looked into, before making a final choice. Budget and availability of scholarships are no less important and thus deserve a special in research on study in Australia options. Now it can certainly be overwhelmingly confusing and exasperating to conclude, give the variety of choices one has. To simplify this, you can walk-in to your nearest Kaaiser office or drop an enquiry at and we will do the rest for you.

  2. Speak to one of our eXpert Kaaiser counsellors

    Every student stepping into Kaaiser is assigned an expert personal counselor, one that possesses thorough knowledge on the courses offered by Universities. Considering one’s academic and professional background, vocation budget etc. our counselors will assist you to achieve your goals to get into your dream university in Australia. The focus of every counselor at Kaaiser is to ensure that the student is admitted to the best course and institution based on their profile. Bring your wish list and our counsellor at Kaaiser will work through all the big and small details to ensure the best possible fit between you, your future university and your area of study.

  3. Make your application

    Having selected the course and the education provider, the subsequent step is to fill up the application form. Here you are required to fill up your personal details, English Language proficiency, academic transcripts, course preferences and employment history. Your Kaaiser counsellor will guide and take care of your university and course applications. They will personally contact your chosen university or school to simplify the process and work hard to get your offer of admission. If you have to take an English test to qualify for your course, practice hard to get good grades. Your Kaaiser counsellor will help you with IELTS and PTE Test preparation and booking your Test dates.

  4. Wait for the application to be processed and assessed

    Upon receipt of your application, your case will be assessed. It may take a few weeks of patiently waiting and thereafter the result will be notified to you.

  5. Accept the offer

    Once your application is accepted, the students are sent a letter of offer and an acceptance form. It is advisable to carefully read the letter of offer and check any conditions that may apply. You will need to meet these conditions before the institution issues a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). You then will be required to deposit an amount towards your college fees.

  6. Student visa

    Once you have got your Confirmation of Enrolment, one has to apply for an Australian student visa. The Australian student visa is completely online and you don’t have to go personally or send by post to lodge your student visa application. The amount of documents that you are required to provide with your application will depend on your nationality and the university you are going to. Your eXpert Kaaiser counsellor will guide you through the visa application process and help prepare the documents needed for your submission. Once done, simply forward your documents to your Kaaiser counsellor and they will lodge your visa online. No worries! Kaaiser has arguably the highest visa success rate in India.

  7. Work out your living options

    If you have opted for and have been given on-campus accommodation then arrangements of living require no pro-active efforts. Else you’ll have to figure out where to live when studying in Australia. You can look for rooms on rent, homestay, private student hostels or find fellow students to share a flat. The cost will vary from city to city and the area you chose to live.

  8.  Book your flights in advance

    It is strongly recommended that you truly book your flights well in advance. The earlier you book, the lower the price of the ticket. This will help you save loads of money by getting lowest fares. Extra baggage (more than 10-20kgs) can be sent unaccompanied rather than pay huge fees at the airport, if you take it with you.

    And now you are all set to go and live your dream of studying in Australia and to a life changing experience there.

Here’s your student visa checklist!

  1. Passport
  2. Letter of Offer
  3. Confirmation of Enrolment
  4. Education and work experience docs
  5. Proof of sufficient funds
  6. Proof of health insurance cover
  7. English language proficiency test results
  8. Criminal record check results
  9. Passport-sized photographs (recent)

Happy to help!