7 vital tips to students for online learning during this coronavirus outbreak

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Never did any of you would have thought that instead of enjoying campus life and meeting up people from different nationalities, culture etc. you will be confined to rooms doing online studies.

Our world has unprecedentedly changed externally. Roads are emptied without the beautiful long drives, and the street food vendors are inside their houses, and are no longer serving us with tasty yet affordable delicacies. Visiting each other has become life-threatening, and social distancing has become an act of love. And it is all because of the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic.

However as they say- “There is no crisis that can -not be turned into a remarkable opportunity” and here is a list of DOs that will enable students turn this gloomy times into positively life-altering phase…

  1. If you can’t go out, go in.
    We often find ourselves lost in this maddening rush and unforgiving engagements and deadlines that the realization to look at and fix out broken interiority does not even come upon us. This is the perfect time when we have possibly the incredible amount of therapeutic time at hand. We can heal our body and mind by engaging in yoga and meditation and strengthen ourselves to endure any strong jolt that life brings upon us. Needless to say, all these activities are going to have an impeccably positive impact on your learning abilities and focus.

  2. Carve out a space which is meant only for studies.
    There can be absolutely no absolute necessity than to have an isolated space for your studies, devoid of any distractions. Tailor your study space area, keeping it surrounded with the stuff that facilitates your study process.

  3. Cleanliness is next to godliness
    It’s quite challenging to be disciplined to study at home and; untidy and cluttered space adds to those challenges. There can be no better times to cultivate the habit of maintaining cleanliness and orderliness so that we can maximize our learning by keeping the distractions away.

  4. Virtual Socialization
    Inability to meet each other in person does not necessarily mean to not to stay connected. Reaching out and connecting with your friends on social platforms can maintain a sense of connectedness. Posting interesting topics on discussion boards and reading your friend’s posts can help you to get that feeling of being connected. Set up casual conversations via Skype or Face Time if you can.

  5. Manage your time
    Remember that different activities demand different levels of focus. Watching a video can be registered better in mind than reading a complex note. So, search for videos that promote virtual education. Divide your entire day into manageable time slots and take proper breaks. Prioritize your tasks and go with an exciting flow of study.

  6. When in doubt—Work out
    There is no other great time than now to indulge in some “me- time.” When many fitness studios are offering free online “at home “work routines, keep yourselves fit.

  7. Add a skill
    With so much of time at your disposal because of not commuting or less social networking, it is ideal time for you to learn a new skill to give expression to your creativity. Also, adding a new skill such as learning a new language can brighten your CV and give your future employers concrete reasons to hire you over your competitors.

Lastly, cleaner river water, better air quality and our new environment-friendly habits are the positives of the tremendously painful lockdown and we have all the reasons to be hopeful of sustaining these positives in future as well!


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