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Study engineering degree in Australia
Engineering, in simple words, is the application of science to the optimum conversion of the resources of nature to the uses of human kind. And Australia serves as a classic example of having shown unprecedented technological, infrastructural and medical growth and so on, by optimizing the use of its vastly available natural resources. Thus, in a way this multi-cultural nation has an inherent advantage over others when it comes to providing Engineering education. Australia offers unparalleled world class Bachelors, Masters and PhDs in over 25 disciplines across the Go8 and other universities.

Here are some of the telling reasons that attract thousands of engineering aspirants across the globe to this Land of Kangaroos:

Top-ranked universities for engineering

As per the QS World University Rankings by Subject for 2020, Australian universities rank very high for fields such as Electrical & Electronic, Civil and Structrural, Mineral & Mining, and Mechanical Engineering. Many foremost universities in Australia have earned a reputation of being internationally respected with 7 universities being in the top 100 in the world. There are 3 Australian universities in the Global top 15 and 6 in global top 50 for Civil and Structural engineering. 3 Australian universities rank in the Global top 50 in Electrical engineering. Australia makes an almost clean sweep with 6 universities ranked in the Global top 7 and 9 universities in the Global top 30 for Mineral and Mining engineering.

As a consequence of the brilliance and dedication of academics coupled with the exposure students get, Universities of Australia have contributed remarkably to the domain of engineering, and their achievements are recognizable globally.

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At the top of technological research

The departments of engineering in Australian universities are globally recognized for being a leader in several advanced research programmes, ranging from quantum computing, bionic ears, Wi-Fi and membrane technology, to name a few. Their departments have made several major scientific breakthroughs and are famous for producing award winning professionals in a range of fields.

Engineering programs in Australia are regularly updated, thus remain relevant to technological advancements, while enabling students to optimize their knowledge for real-world applications. Some of the most popular engineering courses among international students are electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, mechatronics, electronic engineering, aereonautical engineering, marine engineering, gas and petroleum engineering, mineral and mining engineering and may others.


Australia also gives accreditation to its students such as; Engineers Australia is the trusted accreditation authority for tertiary engineering education in Australia and overseas. The Australian Engineering Accreditation Centre evaluates engineering courses at the levels of Engineering Technologist, Professional Engineer and Engineering Associate.

Liaisons with industry giants

As part of industrial training/internship programs, Australian universities link their students to some of the foremost and most influential industry front-runners in the country and across the world. They encourage internships as part of their degree, thereby helping attain industry knowledge, and a practical understanding of the concepts they’ve understood in class, along with an opportunity to network with professionals.

These internships have, on many occasions, converted into full-time employment after graduation, depending on the individual student’s ability, knowledge, and competence.

In short, the educational excellence of the Australian universities coupled with its inclusive and congenial environment makes Australia an ideal destination for Indian students to obtain a world class engineering degree.

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Engineering ranking as per QS 2020

Australia Ranking

World Ranking





The University of New South Wales (UNSW)




The University of Melbourne




Monash University




The University of Sydney




Australian National University (ANU)




The University of Queensland (UQ)




University of Technology Sydney (UTS)




The University of Adelaide




RMIT University




The University of Western Australia (UWA)