Why the Australian top 8 ranked universities are the best in the world

Why Group of Eight universities are amongst the best in the world

The Group of Eight (Go8), a name attributed to the coalition of the top 8 universities in Australia which are world’s best class, world’s best ranked and world’s best research based universities. They are ANU (Australian National University) – Canberra, University of Melbourne – Melbourne, University of Sydney – Sydney, University of Queensland – Brisbane, UNSW (University of New South Wales) – Sydney, Monash University – Melbourne, University of Western Australia – Perth, University of Adelaide – Adelaide.

A degree from a Group of 8 is your ticket and passport to instant recognition, respect and jobs.

Why Study at Group 8?

We all want the best and rankings do count. The stamp of a top 100 university on your CV shines brilliantly. One needs a very high score in year 12 or Bachelors to secure a seat in the Group of 8 university in Australia. 50% of all doctors are Group of 8 alumni. You study in an elite university with the best of the best students from around the globe at a Group of 8 university.

The ‘Group of 8’ Universities are Australia’s best research universities. They are known to hire the best researchers from Australia and around the world, while facilitating their students with an atmosphere which is diverse, academically supportive and intellectually stimulating. It is only because of their advanced curricula and research-based learning that most if their alumni secure senior positions in business and government jobs.

The Group of 8 Universities partner with universities across the globe, including China, US, Japan, Brazil, and the UK etc. and thus ensuring a robust and durable place of study that will never run short of investments, student resources or opportunities.

Like the Ivy League Colleges in the US, the Russel Group in UK, the Group of Eight Universities each enjoys unparalleled status across the globe.

Global Rankings

In world rankings Go8 universities are constantly the top ranked in Australia. 7 of the Group of 8 universities areranked in the world’s top 100 universities – which is no small feat. For a total of only 43 universities in Australia, to have 7 in the top 100 (as per QS) is a remarkable achievement. The 8th Go8 university is ranked 113. All of the Group of 8 universities are ranked in the world’s top 150 universities; in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) from the Times Higher Education Rankings (THES), Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the QS World University Rankings (QS).

Here are a few names of remarkable alumni of these world class Group 8 Australian Universities

The number one ranked university – Australian National University’s alumni Kevin Rudd is a former Prime Minister of Australia. Julian Assange and popular Indian actor Randeep Hooda have been a part of University of Melbourne. British Nobel Laureate for Physics ‘William Henry Bragg’ studied at University of Adelaide. University of Sydney is the alma mater of Malcolm Turnbull, another former Prime Minister of Australia, and of the one of the very popular Indian Actress Jacqueline Fernandez. The list is goes on and on.

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