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    Why Study in New Zealand?

    There are many reasons to consider when choosing New Zealand as your study destination. Though safety and therefore the country’s peace index top this list, here are another factors that are considered important for college kids getting to move abroad.

    Globally Recognized Institutions: Eight of latest New Zealand’s education universities have consistently ranked among the world’s top universities ranking by QS and Times education .

    Internationally Recognized Qualifications: Through participation in various intergovernmental agreements, like Lisbon Recognition and Convention, qualification at universities and schools are internationally recognized.

    Excellent Pedagogy: New Zealand’s education system focuses on research-based learning, almost like UK’s education system. Students are encouraged to utilize learnings from a classroom to real-life problem-solving situations.

    Quality Control: education in New Zealand is quality controlled by the govt and Universities in New Zealand. Polytechnic institutions are state-owned and personal institutions are monitored by New Zealand’s qualification authority.

    Employability: Education from New Zealand universities is very regarded among employers. This enhances your career prospects in New Zealand also as internationally.

    Scope for Doctorate Aspirants: there’s an abundance of research opportunities for college kids . A PhD student enjoys additional benefits in New Zealand. These include going to study at domestic student’s fees and dealing full-time during studies.