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Why International Students Study in Canada?

Apart from offering education excellence through top universities in Canada, the explanations driving international student’s desire to review in Canada are manifold. Some of these are discussed in details as:

Easy visa policy: The immigration-friendly policies and multi-cultural cities make it easier for college kids to measure abroad.

Cost-effective quality education: Considered a far better study location as compared to the USA, Canada ensures that its students receive a top quality education at affordable prices. The cost of studying in Canada is relatively lower and the scholarship opportunities available are relatively more.

Plenty of similar job opportunities for natives and immigrants: the work sector in Canada for every and each quite work profile offers both natives and immigrants with

Declining international acceptance rates within the US: The acceptance rate folks F1 visa has seen a decline which opens doors for Canada because the next popular study destination.

Canada’s International Education Strategy (2019-2024) getting to promote global ties and diversify the education sector.

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    Courses Available in Canada

    Post-Secondary Programs



    Advanced Diploma

    Bachelor’s Degree

    Post-Graduate Diploma or Certificates

    Master’s Degree

    Doctorate or Ph.D.


    1 year

    1 to 2 years

    2 to 3 years

    4 years full-time study

    1 or 2 years

    1 or 2 years

    4 to 7 years